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3 Ways to Consume Medical Marijuana in New York State

The facts are in: medical marijuana is helping millions of people all over the world manage pain, and negative side effects of certain treatments such as chemotherapy. It is also great when it comes to handling stress and anxiety and is helpful when it comes to...

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How to Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in New York

Medical marijuana has been proven to be a 100 percent safe and natural treatment for severe and chronic pain. There are many naysayers out there who claim medical marijuana is a gateway substance that leads to harder drug use. This is just one of the many myths...

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NY Lawmakers Legalize Cannabis as Opioid Alternative

The medical marijuana marketplace in New York is highly regulated, a fact that has kept many people from getting access to the 100 percent natural and safe method of managing pain. In a move being touted as an “emergency rule,” the New York State Department of...

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Legal Cannibas as Opioid Alternative

Medical Cannabis: Got Questions? Ask Dr. Chaudhry

If you have been suffering with chronic pain and feel as though there is no end in sight, it may be worth your while to speak with a physician who can explain the benefits of medical cannabis to you. While it may seem as though medical marijuana is the new fad in...

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