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Care Givers for Medical Marijuana in New York

The Role of Designated Caregivers

Some patients registered with the Health Department’s Medical Marijuana Program may not be able to get medical marijuana products. Patients who cannot physically commute to dispensing facilities can appoint two caregivers who can pick up the medication on the patient’s behalf. Caregivers must also be registered with the Health Department and obtain a Registry Identification Card. In addition to collecting the medication, caregivers can also assist patients in administering approved medical marijuana products.

Caring for Patients Recovering from Addiction

It can be difficult to watch your loved one suffer from addiction. We promise that there is still hope for your loved ones. At Long Island Compassionate Medical Center, we help them get clean and get back their life. If they are facing severe withdrawal symptoms while recovering from addiction, contact our center. Our medication-assisted Treatments have been proven to be effective and are FDA approved for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). During your consultation, we will explain the various treatment options available to you. Dr. Chaudhry will also provide instructions on how to provide primary care and support for patients battling addiction. If you have any questions about the medication we prescribe, their side effects, or if you wish to learn more about our MAT programs, call us, you will be glad you did!