Attention PTSD Sufferers: Medical Marijuana Offers Help & Hope for Pain

Most people think veterans are the ones most likely to suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). After all, when you give so selflessly and put your own life on the line, there are so many things you can’t unsee and experiences you never leave behind.

However, PTSD comes in all shapes and sizes and its causes are numerous. It’s not unusual for people who have been in debilitating emotional relationships or car accidents, those who have experienced life and death situations regarding health and family, and anyone who has been physically abused or assaulted, to experience the horrors of PTSD.

Doctors often discuss the fact that PTSD sufferers are at a high risk of suffering heart disease and depression. But those who suffer with the condition daily know all too well that a very common symptom is pain. Chronic, debilitating pain that keeps you on the sidelines of your life.

According to an article on the connection with PTSD and Pain, “pain is one of the most common physical problems reported by people with PTSD.” And, like the condition itself, the pain is difficult to manage.

At the Long Island Compassionate Medical Center, Dr. Jahan Chaudhry, M.D., helps people suffering from post traumatic stress disorder with an all-natural, 100 percent safe treatment.

Medical marijuana, or cannabis, has been approved by the New York Department of Health as one of the many “qualifying conditions” that responds well to medical marijuana treatment.

Dr. Chaudhry has been treating patients suffering from chronic pain associated with PTSD and other conditions with medical cannabis. He can help you, as well. Make an appointment today at his private office in Holbrook, Long Island.

There is no reason to live even one more day with debilitating pain

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