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Medical marijuana has been proven to be a 100 percent safe and natural treatment for severe and chronic pain. There are many naysayers out there who claim medical marijuana is a gateway substance that leads to harder drug use. This is just one of the many myths that swirl around medical marijuana.

New York State has recognized the efficacy of medical cannabis and has broadened the scope of its program. Here are the qualifications a person must meet to be able to purchase medical marijuana at an approved dispensary in New York.

  1. You must be under the continuing care of a physician who is registered and certified to prescribe medical cannabis by the New York Department of Health.
  2. You must have a qualifying condition, one that has been deemed chronic and severe.
  3. You must register with the New York Department of Health and pay the $50 application fee. (In cases of financial hardship, the application fee may be waived.)

Dr. Jahan Chaudhry is the founder of the Long Island Compassionate Center in Holbrook, NY. He is passionate about helping people in pain find natural, safe relief with medical marijuana.

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In addition to getting registered to be able to purchase medical marijuana, there are some other rules patients must follow strictly.

  • Whenever you are carrying medical cannabis, you must also carry your registry ID card.
  • Consumption of medical marijuana in public places is prohibited in New York State.
  • You may not possess cannabis in amounts that are in excess of what your doctor has prescribed for you.
  • Sharing, selling or trading medical cannabis is against the law in New York State.
  • You may not smoke medical marijuana, be in possession of or consumer edible products in New York.

If you or someone you love is in pain, there is no reason to suffer any longer. Medical marijuana may be the solution to relieve your long-term, chronic pain. Dr. Chaudhry is the doctor who can help! Visit longislandpainrelief.com or call 631-588-4888 to learn more today.