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****There is a $50 application fee to become a registered caregiver. However, the fee is currently being waived for all medical marijuana patients and their designated caregivers.*****


Medical marijuana is a safe, all-natural way of managing severe pain. Only a handful of doctors in New York State are certified to prescribe medical cannabis for pain relief. Dr. Jahan Chaudhry of Holbrook believes medical marijuana can help someone in pain return to the life they love with friends, family, work and activities.

Call 631-588-4888 today for an appointment (or fill out the simple contact form) with Dr. Chaudhry at the Long Island Compassionate Medical Center. Find out if you qualify for a medical marijuana card in New York.

Many people who do qualify to obtain medical marijuana in New York are faced with another major issue! Perhaps they are immobile or in so much pain they can’t get to the cannabis dispensary. New York has a solution for that: the patient can designate a registered caregiver who will be allowed to pick up the medical marijuana as long as they present the appropriate documents.

Here’s how to register to become a designated caregiver within the medical marijuana system in New York:

  1. The caregiver is designated by the certified individual in the Medical Marijuana Data Management System.
  2. The designated caregiver logs into https://my.ny.gov/, clicks the “Health Applications” icon.
  3. Click the “Medical Marijuana Data Management System” link and enter your information to officially register as a designated caregiver.

Remember: The $50 application fee is currently being waived for all medical marijuana patients and their designated caregivers.

Note: If you are a designated caregiver, but do not have an account with NY.gov, you must first create a personal NY.gov ID before registering for the Medical Marijuana Data Management System.  Go to create a My.NY.gov account, click here for instructions.

“Once a caregiver’s registration is approved, the Department will issue a temporary registry identification card which may be used in conjunction with a government-issued photo identification to purchase approved medical marijuana products while the caregiver awaits his/her registry identification card (ID card) in the mail,” according to the New York Health Department web page.

More Important Information about medical marijuana registration in New York:

  • Patients and designated caregivers who have completed certification must always carry their Registry Identification Card when in possession of medical marijuana products.
  • No medical cannabis products obtained in New York State may be carried outside the state.
  • New York State dispensaries will not accept registry identifications or certifications obtained outside the State of New York. In other words, you cannot obtain medical cannabis in New York if you are registered for the program in another state.
  • Once a patient or caregiver is fully registered and certified, any changes in name, address or medical condition must immediately contact the Medical Marijuana Program to update information. This must be done within 10 business days of any change.

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