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Opioid addiction is not a one-size-fits-all problem and neither is the solution.

However, whether you became addicted to painkillers because you had an accident and started taking pain meds to help you get through the day or you switched from heroin or other illegal drug to opioids, there is help available to get you clean and sober.

And, these solutions don’t mean going back to a life of pain. At the Long Island Compassionate Medical Center, we know you want out of the prison you are living in because of your opioid dependency. Dr. Jahan Chaudhry, MD, has the key to unlocking your shackles and providing you with a pain-free existence.

Medical cannabis is 100 percent natural and is an extremely effective way to kick the opioid habit. (It’s also 100 percent legal in New York — to treat qualifying conditions!)

A recent study chronicled the success of medical marijuana in relieving pain for 138 senior citizens with spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis and chronic hip or knee pain. All of these people were taking opioids to deal with the debilitating pain associated with their conditions.

All patients in the study were prescribed medical marijuana to determine the efficacy of cannabis in dealing with pain. The study also measured the impact taking marijuana had on these patients’ opioid intake.

  • 18% of the patients studied “moderately decreased” their opioid use
  • 20 % said they “significantly reduced” opioid use
  • 27 % reported completely stopping any use of opioid painkillers

Best yet, more than 90 percent of the patients in this study said they would tell others in pain to try medical cannabis for pain relief!

The results of this study were presented to members of the American Geriatrics Society.

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