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Chronic, debilitating pain is life-altering; it can change an otherwise happy, productive person into someone unrecognizable by friends and family. Pain impacts us mind, body and soul. However, there are natural medically approved methods to manage and even relieve your pain.

In New York State, there are specific guidelines you must follow to obtain medical marijuana. Cannabis for pain relief is safe and and highly effective. Here’s what you need to do to obtain access and try medical marijuana for your own pain relief:

You must be diagnosed with a qualifying condition. New York has approved a lengthy list of qualifying conditions associated with chronic, debilitating pain. Click here to see a full list of these conditions.

Obtain a certification. In the world of medical marijuana, a certification is like a prescription. Only a practitioner approved by and registered in New York can grant you certification. You must meet with a registered practitioner, like Dr. Jahan Chaudhry, MD, in Holbrook, NY, to discuss your qualifying condition and get the documentation necessary to be able to obtain medical marijuana from an approved dispensary in New York.

Get a Registry ID Card. In addition to a certification, medical marijuana patients must also apply to the New York State Department of Health to obtain a registry identification card. Together, these two documents will allow you to purchase medical marijuana. Additionally, you may choose to list up to two caregivers who may be authorized to purchase, possess and administer medical cannabis (Caregivers must obtain their own NY Registry Identification Card to access product on your behalf.)

Purchase Medical Marijuana. New York State has many registered dispensing facilities including some on Long Island. Once you possess your certification from Dr. Chaudhry as well as your New York-issued registry ID, you can go to a registered dispensary and purchase your medical marijuana and related products. As mentioned above, in a case where a patient is unable to get to a dispensary on their own, up to two caregivers can be designated to obtain medical-grade cannabis in their place (with appropriate registry identification.)

Learn more about how medical marijuana can safely and effectively relieve your chronic pain and give you your life back. Contact the Long Island Compassionate Medical Center today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chaudhry.